Founded on the honest belief that hearing aids need a fresh approach, Hearing True offers top quality hearing aids, at prices that you can afford. We offer a free hearing test, free hearing aid programming and fitting service, and hearing aids that don’t cost the earth. Each hearing aid is medically certified and comes with a 12 month full replacement warranty.

Why our prices are so low

Ever wondered how a hearing aid can cost thousands of dollars and up to 10 times more than an iPad? The answer is simple: middlemen and high markups

Retailers/audiologists account for up to 70% of the final price of a hearing aid, because they factor in a bundle of additional expensive services. At Hearing True we engage with our customers directly, so we can offer the same quality hearing aids for up to 80% less.

PRO Hearing Aid with AirTAP SystemTop Reasons to Buy from Us

  • Latest Technology and Design Products – We are the exclusive New Zealand stockists of these top quality, digital hearing devices, made in the USA and Europe.
  • Unbeatable Price & Quality Combination – We cut out the middlemen, and bring the best in hearing devices direct to you, at a price you can afford.
  • Price – Save up to 80 % compared to retail hearing aids. Prices start from $399
  • Choice – Choose from different models and styles. All our hearing devices are virtually invisible and offer you the choice of ITE (In The Ear) or BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids.
  • Personalised – Both ITE/CIC and BTE hearing aids come in a fully programmable model, which we can programme for free to your individual hearing loss.
  • Simple – Order from home and receive by courier, or visit our Christchurch Clinic and our friendly hearing specialists will guide you through the entire process.
  • Discreetness – Our hearing aids are Award Winning Invisible Products. The PRO is the world’s smallest digital, completely in the canal hearing aid, and the world’s first hearing aid with AirTAP™ feature.
  • Support – Our hearing specialists are here to help. We offer incredible service and support from start to finish.
  • Warranties – Each of our hearing aids come with a 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty on Manufacturing Defects.
  • WINZ Funding Registered – As a WINZ Approved Provider you can apply for funding to help pay for your hearing aids. See the Work and Income website for more details on assistance with buying your hearing aids.

Our Hearing Aids