Company Details

Hearing True Ltd
By Appointment Only
19 Joyce Crescent (750 Metres from Cnr Memorial Ave & Ilam Rd and Ilam Medical Centre/Pharmacy/Physiotherapy). Google Maps:
Ilam, Christchurch 8041
New Zealand

0800 443 274 (0800 4 HEARING)
Ph +64 3 972 5713
Ph +64 21 775 574
[email protected]

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 5.00 pm (Other times by arrangement)

Orders may be placed 24/7 at

Service We Offer

A) Office Consults

  • FREE Hearing Test and initial consultation at our office recommending the best model from our range for your particular hearing loss. We also provide you a copy of your audiogram
  • FREE initial programming of programmable models purchased. Programmed to your individual hearing loss and preferences
  • Additional appointments and/or re‐programming are charged out at $90.00 and payment must be made in advance or at time of appointment
  • FREE phone and email support

B) Website, Phone and email

  • Phone us on our FREEPHONE 0800 443 274 (0800 4 HEARING) or email us with any questions you have. If you email/post us a copy of your hearing test we will discuss with you your particular hearing loss and preferences and recommend the best model from our range for your particular hearing loss
  • FREE initial programming of programmable models purchased. Programmed to your individual hearing loss and preferences
  • Two FREE reprograms of programmable models purchased if required. Send to us and the only cost to you is the return courier charge. Any subsequent re­programming is charged at $50.00.
  • FREE phone and email support

Delivery & Payment Policy

Payments can be made through our website via PayPal, over the phone by Visa/MasterCard or by direct payment to the following New Zealand bank account. We also accept Eftpos at the office. PayPal and Visa/MasterCard payments incur a 2.9% surcharge.

Hearing True Ltd
Westpac Bank
Account No. 03 1705 0431024 00

Once your payment has been cleared, we will ship your order via overnight courier within 24 hours (RD addresses my take longer to deliver).

If we are out of stock of a product you will be advised of the delivery timeframe the same day the order is placed and you will receive an email notification of your purchase from our website.

Courier Deliveries – Postage and Packaging

All courier deliveries are sent on the same or next working day, once payment has been received.

If for any reason delivery is delayed you will be notified.

If you will not be able to accept the delivery during standard business hours, then please have the goods addressed to your place of work.

GST Tax Invoice

We are a GST-registered company and as such all sales have a GST invoice.

Warranty & Returns Policy

All Hearing True hearing aids come with a 12 months Full Replacement warranty on manufacturer’s defects.

The buyer assumes all of the responsibility and expense of returning any faulty product.

Warranties are non-transferable beyond the original purchaser of product.

Hearing True Ltd must receive notification of the defect from the client within thirty (30) days of the occurrence of the defect within the guarantee period. The product must also be returned to Hearing True Ltd within thirty (30) days of the occurrence of the defect within the guarantee period. All claims are void if the serial number has been removed, erased, damaged, changed or is illegible.

Hearing True is bound by the Consumers Guarantees & Fair Trading Acts.

Warranty Exclusions – What is NOT covered

  • Normal wear & tear
  • Incorrect insertion of battery
  • Damage to the battery door/compartment
  • Misuse, abuse or use of the product for which it was not designed or intended
  • Neglect and careless storage
  • Failure to operate/use as suggested in Product/User Manual and Care, Maintenance, Cleaning and Use Guide
  • Rough treatment or exposure to moisture, damp or extreme thermal or environmental conditions
  • Accidents, force, spilling of food or liquids, or the influence of chemical products
  • Dropped on any surface from any height or knocked against a hard surface
  • Exposure to moisture or water
  • Immersion in water. Aid is NOT waterproof
  • Use while swimming, taking a shower, bathing, sauna or spa
  • Cleaned wet
  • Exposure to extreme high temperatures, such as when using a hair dryer
  • Worn in mines or other environments where explosion risk is high
  • Exposure to X-ray radiation or strong magnetic fields, such as during medical investigation
  • Worn in places where hairspray (hairdresser) or solvents (such as dye) are used
  • Exposure to small children or pets
  • Exposure to hair products, perfume, shaving products, make-up, cream, body oil, gel, hairspray and/or similar products. Please remove aids before using these products
  • Exposure to extreme low temperatures
  • Transportation in anything other than the protective case provided with the aid. DO NOT carry the hearing aid unprotected in your pocket, purse, or bag
  • Exposure to aggressive cleaning products, abrasives , solvents, soap, detergent or similar
  • Use of any hard/sharp object on any part of the aid
  • Unauthorised repairs or tampering from O.E.M (original equipment manufacturer) specification as determined after inspection by Hearing True Ltd
  • Build up of earwax, skin cells or foreign material on or in the hearing aid, tubes, receiver unit (RIC), microphone opening, sound outlet, dome/tip, wax guards, battery terminals etc causing corrosion/degradation to occur or migration in to the electronics of the aid
  • RIC (receiver in canal aids) – receiver unit being detached from body of aid. NO attempt must be made to separate the receiver unit from the body of the aid. This can only be done by Hearing True staff
  • Corrosion/Degradation to any part of the aid including battery contacts
  • Use of aid without domes/tips/wax guards
  • Defect/failure was caused by the fact that the battery was subjected to a short-circuit or that the connecting pieces of the battery housing or cells were broken or show evidence of tampering or that the battery was used in another device than that for which it is intended.

Refund Policy

Please choose carefully as we do not offer a refund or exchanges if you change your mind. If the goods are faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.


Pricing is subject to change without notice.


We are a Work & Income NZ (WINZ) approved provider, our registration number is CUR000546321. We will provide a quote/invoice for you to supply to WINZ and it is their decision if funding is approved. We are NOT registered for ACC Funding or Government Subsidy/Funding, so funding from these sources is unable to be used for any purchases.

Professional Advice

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any concerns regarding your hearing or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Our hearing loss test is a screening test and is not designed to be diagnostic. Any information supplied by Hearing True whether by phone, e-mail, letter, or any other form of communication, is for informational purposes or general guidance and does not constitute medical or other professional advice.

Health-related information provided is not a substitute for medical advice and it is important that you not make medical decisions without first consulting your personal physician or other healthcare professional.

Programmable Hearing Aids

Our programmable hearing aids are sold programmed to your individual audiogram and preferences. If no audiogram is present we will program to a general setting.

Privacy Act

Under no circumstances will we pass your details on to a third party, and all information supplied to Hearing True is considered private and confidential.