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Buy the Sombra 8r RIC hearing aid online
Buy Sombra 8r RIC hearing aid online

Sombra 8r – RIC (Programmable)


The latest design and our most advanced receiver-in-canal style hearing aid.

The Sombra 8r is a very discreet hearing aid and one of the smallest behind-the-ear hearing aids available. Adapting to your environment for crystal clear sound quality, the Sombra r8 filters out background noise to focus on speech in any setting. This hearing aid will transform the way you hear.

  • Powerful and completely tailored to you
  • Lowest prices with no compromise on quality
  • Easy to fit yourself
  • Overnight courier delivery NZ wide (during business hours)
  • Independent NZ owned company

Hi Peter, nice meeting you today, and thank you so much for your patient service. My mum is happy with the hearing aid.

Jenny Zhao, Christchurch

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Made by Persona Medical – the oldest custom manufacturer in the Unites States, and one of the largest high end independent hearing aid laboratories, the Sombra 8r is a high quality Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aid that is rich with features and so small it is virtually invisible.

Thanks for your time. Dad is very happy with the unit.

Dr. Ojas Mahapatra (father Dr. Rahas Mahapatra visiting from India)

Key Features & Benefits

Receiver In Canal (RIC) style

This is the latest design and our most advanced RIC style hearing aid and is very discreet making it one of the smallest behind the ear aids available. It adapts to your environment for crystal clear sound quality and filters out background noise to focus on speech in any setting. Powerful and completely tailored to you, this hearing aid will transform the way you hear. The receiver (speaker) sits in the ear canal and allows the Sombra to be very discrete and retain natural ear resonance.

Digital / Programmable

Fully programmable hearing aid that is programmed to your hearing loss and preferences. It is tailored to you. Features 4 programs for different listening environments:

  1. Everyday General Use
  2. Background noise situations (restaurants etc)
  3. Phone Use and talking in small group situations
  4. Music and TV

Adaptive Directional Microphones

Two microphones mean that when the relevant program is selected the aid detects the person speaking in front of the wearer and automatically configures the microphones to focus in the speakers direction, whilst reducing noise from other directions. This helps improve wearer comfort in noisy situations.


This helps your hearing aids resist moisture, sweat, oil, and corrosion. Hydrocoat is an advanced micron-level sealant.

Volume/Memory Retention VMRTM

Even when turned off the hearing aid will remember your volume and memory settings next time you turn on Adaptive Feedback Shield. This helps eliminate feedback and whistling. While all styles of instruments have limits to the amount of feedback they can cancel, this is maximised so it can “seek and destroy” feedback across a wide band of frequencies. Feedback-Shield utilises an adaptive phase canceller, which means if your surroundings change and the signal causing feedback changes, then the aid changes.

Tri-Mode Layered Noise Reduction

Emphasise speech and improve clarity in challenging situations (noisy environment) and helps make listening natural and comfortable.

Dynamic Speech Enhancement (DSE)

Designed to enhance speech understanding in difficult environments and enable you to listen to both a soc and loud voice during the same conversation. Sudden changes to signal levels are automatically adjusted for by the micro-processor.

Program Prompts and Low Battery Indicator

The Sombra 8r signals you with tones or beeps for program changes and low battery warning.

Telecoil and Adaptive/Automatic Telecoil

Built in Telecoil means you can connect to phones with Telecoil and anywhere there is a Hearing Loop system like movie theatres, churches, concert halls, universities, museums and airports etc. This allows your hearing aids to wirelessly stream the sound of a speaker’s voice or the music directly into your ears – without any background noise Automatic Telecoil activates when a phone (with Telecoil) is picked up and placed on the ear.

Wind Noise Reduction Algorithm

Using an advanced algorithm this helps reduce wind noise.

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  • Speec-Focus™ null tracking directional microphones
  • All-in-one™ adaptive speech enhancement
  • Feedback path eliminator
  • Auto-adaptation feedback shield™
  • Adpative telecoil switch
  • Hydrocoat moisture barrier
  • Environmental classification noise reduction
  • 128 channels noise reduction
  • 16 band programming control
  • Memory change indicator – adjustable level and frequency
  • Speech mapping compatible with graphic equalizer
  • Low battery indicator
  • Wind noise reduction algorithm
  • Noah/Noah link compatible
  • Snap-tip™ wax-blocking RU connectors (optional)
  • Data logging
  • Digital sound technology
  • Nearly invisible
  • Receiver in Canal (RIC)
  • Comfortable open fit
  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Retains natural ear resonance
  • Variable and replaceable soft-tips
  • Advanced feedback and noise management
  • Multiple volume programs
  • Sole New Zealand stockists
  • Medically certified
  • 12 months of manufacturer warranty