Almost invisible Ole 2 hearing aid in ear
2 Ole 2 Hearing Aids together
The Ole 2 Hearing Aid is tiny and almost invisible
2 Ole 2 hearing aids on beside table
Ole 2 Invisible Hearing Aid

Ole 2 – CIC (Programmable)


Our latest design, completely discreet in the canal hearing aid.

The Ole 2 is the latest design and our most advanced completely in the canal hearing aid. Discreet and virtually invisible in the ear, the Ole 2 adapts to your environment for crystal clear sound quality, filtering out background noise to focus on speech in any setting. Easy placement and no need for tips, tubes or moulds and so discreet no one will know you are wearing it. The Ole 2 will transform the way you hear.

  • Powerful and completely tailored to you
  • Lowest prices with no compromise on quality
  • Easy to fit yourself
  • Overnight courier delivery NZ wide (during business hours)
  • Independent NZ owned company

Hi Peter, thank you for the time and trouble you took fitting and programming my new hearing aids.

Alison Ansley, Christchurch

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The Ole is the world’s smallest hearing aid and the first open fit completely in canal hearing device with AirTouch™ Multi-Memory.

Key Features & Benefits

Open Fit ITE/CIC (in the ear/completely in the canal) style

This is the latest design and our most advanced in the canal/completely in the canal (ITE/ RIC) style hearing aid and is completely discreet and virtually invisible in the ear. The Ole 2 combines the comfort of an open ear device with the invisibility of a deep in the canal hearing aid with minimum occlusion. It adapts to your environment for crystal clear sound quality and filters out background noise to focus on speech in any setting. Easy placement and no need for tips, tubes or moulds. So discrete no one will know you are wearing this aid. The Ole 2 hearing aid will transform the way you hear.

Digital / Programmable

Fully programmable hearing aid that is programmed to your hearing loss and preferences. It is tailored to you. Features 4 programs for different listening environments:

  1. Everyday General Use
  2. Background noise situations (restaurants etc)
  3. Phone Use and talking in small group situations
  4. Music and TV

Tri-Mode Layered Noise Reduction

Emphasise speech and improve clarity in challenging situations (noisy environment) and helps make listening natural and comfortable.

Dynamic Speech Enhancement (DSE)

Designed to enhance speech understanding in difficult environments and enable you to listen to both a soft and loud voice during the same conversation. Sudden changes to signal levels are automatically adjusted for by the micro-processor.

Adaptive Feedback Shield

This helps eliminate feedback and whistling. While all styles of instruments have limits to the amount of feedback they can cancel, this is maximised so it can “seek and destroy” feedback across a wide band of frequencies. Feedback-Shield utilises an adaptive phase canceller, which means if your surroundings change and the signal causing feedback changes, then the aid changes.

Air Touch Multi Memory/Programs

Allows users to select between memories/programs with the greatest of ease. By simply lightly tapping the outer part of the ear canal with your fingers together, this will toggle successively from the first memory/program through to the fourth, and then back to the first.

Natural Directionality/ Wind Noise Reduction

The Ole restores localisation and directional cues of the natural shape of the ear in real time, creating a more natural sounding instrument. The increase in wind related noise usually attributed to BTE instruments is also greatly reduced, naturally!

Program Prompts and Low Battery Indicator

Ole signals you with beeps for program changes and low battery warning.


  • Digital and programmable
  • Open-fit CIC 10A device
  • AirTouch™ multi memory
  • Feedback shield
  • Tri-mode layered noise reduction
  • Dynamic speech enhancement (DSE)
  • 12 band, 8 channel processing
  • 4 programmable memories
  • Memory change indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Power on delay with adjustable level
  • Wax barrier/wind screen
  • Tinnitus masker (option)
  • SpeechPro (option)
  • Concha lock (S, M, L Sizes)
  • Low group delay – 5ms
  • Digital sound technology
  • Nearly invisible
  • Completely in canal (CIC)
  • Comfortable open fit
  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Tinnitus Masker Option
  • AirTouch™Multi Memory
  • Variable and replaceable soft-tips
  • Advanced feedback and noise management
  • Multiple volume programs
  • Sole New Zealand stockists
  • Medically certified
  • 12 months of manufacturer warranty

Hi Peter, nice meeting you today, and thank you so much for your patient service. My mum is happy with the hearing aid.

Jenny Zhao, Christchurch