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The Claret 400 - our best value hearing aid
Claret 400 Hearing Aid

Claret 400 – BTE (3 Preset Programs)


The best value hearing aid available in New Zealand.

Our discreet, nearly invisible, behind-the-ear hearing aid provides the most cost effective solution to hearing loss currently available in New Zealand. Featuring high quality sound, comfort and usability along with 3 pre-set programs, the Claret 400 is an excellent choice for an entry-level, highly affordable hearing aid.

  • Powerful and tailored to you
  • Lowest prices with no compromise on quality
  • Easy to fit yourself
  • Overnight courier delivery NZ wide (during business hours)
  • Independent NZ owned company

Hi Peter, Got the hearing aid this morning and there is no comparison, way better. Thanks
Wayne Giles, Hamilton

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The Claret hearing aid provides a very cost effective solution, combining high quality sound, comfort and usability at a discount price. You can’t get better value for your money in New Zealand.

Key Features & Benefits

Behind the Ear (BTE) style

This is a modern design BTE style aid and is a great entry level hearing aid if you don’t won’t to bother with a hearing test or are price conscious.

Digital / NON-Programmable

Has 3 pre set programs that progressively increase the volume. It also has a digital volume control switch if you want to set at the level you require.


This helps your hearing aids resist moisture, sweat, oil, and corrosion. Hydrocoat is an advanced micron-level sealant.

Volume/Memory Retention

Even when turned off the hearing aid will remember your volume and memory settings next time you turn on.

Adaptive Feedback Shield

This helps eliminate feedback and whistling. While all styles of aids have limits to the amount of feedback they can cancel, this is maximised so it can “seek and destroy” feedback across a wide band of frequencies. Feedback-Shield utilises an adaptive phase canceller, which means if your surroundings change and the signal causing feedback changes, then the aid changes.

Tri-Mode Layered Noise Reduction

Emphasise speech and improve clarity in challenging situations (noisy environment) and helps make listening natural and comfortable.

Dynamic Speech Enhancement (DSE)

Designed to enhance speech understanding in difficult environments and enable you to listen to both a soft and loud voice during the same conversation. Sudden changes to signal levels are automatically adjusted for by the micro-processor.

Program Prompts and Low Battery Indicator

The Claret signals you with beeps for program changes and low battery warning.


  • 100% Digital Processing Device
  • 4 Channels; 12 Bands
  • Expansion w/ Adjustable Ratios
  • Feedback Shield
  • Tri-Mode Layered Noise Reduction
  • Digital Volume Control w/ Adjustable Gain Increments / Ranges
  • 3 Memories w/ Indicators
  • Tone Adjustments / Level and Frequency Adjustments
  • Low Level Gain Control
  • Low Battery Warning w/indicator
  • Battery 312 Zinc Air
  • Power on delay (adjustable)
  • OTE Tube / BTE Earhook Compatible
  • Digital sound technology
  • Nearly invisible
  • Variable and replaceable soft-tips
  • Advanced feedback and noise management
  • Multiple volume programs
  • Sole New Zealand stockists
  • Medically certified
  • 12 months of manufacturer warranty

How to Clean your Claret Hearing Aid

Hi Peter, a big thanks for all your patience with Mum the other day. She came out very happy. Many thanks

Pip Oliver, Christchurch