Free Hearing Test

If you live in Christchurch and are able to make an appointment to see us at our Christchurch office, we offer a free hearing test and consultation. We can even fit you with our hearing aids, and programme them for you on the spot. This is entirely obligation free, so you can go away and think about it before committing to anything.

If you already have your hearing test results (audiogram), then please send these to us and we can use them to recommend the best model for your particular hearing loss. Your audiogram also allows us to be able to programme any of our programmable hearing aids to your particular hearing loss.

Test your Hearing Yourself

If you would like to test your hearing yourself, there are free apps that can provide some basic hearing test results. This can be useful for gaining some measure of audition, and to establish whether you need to investigate your hearing loss further.

Get the iPad Hearing Test App:

Get the iPhone Hearing Test App:

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If you have any questions please feel free to call us on 0800 443 274 or Request a Call Back

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