Hi there! My name is Peter Langham, owner and founder of Hearing True. My goal is to provide New Zealanders with high quality hearing aids at an affordable price.

Started because I saw a real gap in the market for high quality hearing aids at an affordable price, and on the honest belief that hearing aids need a fresh approach in New Zealand.

Truly independent and not owned or part owned by hearing aid manufactures like much of the competition. I want to offer a real alternative to what is essentially a monopoly in the NZ market for hearing aids by the main players. Proudly 100% NZ owned by me!

I offer a Free appointment and hearing test and I give good honest pragmatic advice about your hearing loss in laypersons terminology. Based at my home office at 19 Joyce, Crescent, Ilam, Christchurch set in a beautiful park like suburban setting with a dedicated separate office/clinic for appointments. Relaxed and unhurried with plenty of parking available.

Peter - Hearing True specialist
Peter - Founder and Hearing Specialist at Hearing True

I do not know of anyone else in NZ offering what we do. All our hearing aids are medically certified and we send NZ wide via courier, usually overnight.

I worked hard to source the best quality hearing aids available and bring them direct to you, the consumer, without the huge mark-up put on the cost of most hearing aids available in New Zealand. I provide independent, caring and informative advice on your hearing and go the extra mile to help ensure you get the best solution for your individual hearing loss. I pride myself on our excellent customer service and the unbeatable value of our hearing aids.

Born in Christchurch and married with two daughters and two Labradors. I have a real passion for everything sound wise, an audiophile, with a precise ear for Hi Fidelity sound and quality. If time allows I might even tell you about the time I met David Bowie and the other time I met Elton John.

The Hearing True Difference

With the technological progress of the 21st century, hearing aids should neither cost up to $10,000 a pair, nor come in outdated designs, nor be tiresome to obtain. Our answer is centered around the latest technology and design hearing products that you can buy through our Christchurch clinic, or directly through our website – without the large mark-up costs.

Hearing True offer top quality hearing products and at an affordable price. To do this we have secured exclusive access to a top quality US and Europe manufacturers who are committed to producing the best hearing products using the latest science, technology and design.

No other hearing company in New Zealand does what we do. If you are unsure about the best hearing aid for your hearing loss, or would just like to understand your hearing test results a little better, call us for a no-obligation chat on 0800 4 HEARING (0800 443 274) or book a free consultation with our hearing specialists.

Book a Free Appointment

Book a free appointment and hearing test at our Christchurch Hearing Clinic.

What we offer

Our hearing products are manufactured in the USA/Europe, medically certified and include a 12 month full replacement warranty.

We also offer:

  • Free Hearing Test and appointment (if you can visit us at our Christchurch clinic) where you can get to try out our hearing aids
  • Free, independent advice on the best solution for your hearing and the right hearing aids for you
  • Free programming and fitting service at your appointment
  • New Zealand wide courier delivery service. Just send me your hearing test and I can advise and program hearing aids to your hearing loss and courier to your door
  • A range of hearing aids to suit mild to early stages of profound hearing loss with fully programmable models that are programmed to your individual hearing loss and feature a range of programs for different listening environments, including background noise situations
  • We keep our hearing aids in stock
  • Same day service – get your hearing test, advice on hearing, hearing aid fitted and programmed and can leave with new hearing aid(s) if you wish to purchase, all in the same day
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff who take the time to listen and care about what is important to you
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