Hearing True was founded on the honest belief that hearing aids need a fresh approach. We worked hard to source the best quality hearing aids available and bring them direct to you, the consumer, without the huge middle-man costs of most hearing aids available in New Zealand. We provide independent, caring and informative advice on your hearing and go the extra mile to help ensure you get the best solution for your individual hearing loss.

The Hearing True Difference

With the technological progress of the 21st century, hearing aids should neither cost up to $10,000 a pair, nor come in outdated designs, nor be tiresome to obtain.

Our answer is centered around the latest technology and design hearing products that you can buy through our Christchurch clinic, or directly through our website – without the large intermediary costs.

Hearing True offer top quality hearing products and at an affordable price. To do this we have secured exclusive access to a top European and US manufacturer who are committed to producing the best hearing products using the latest science, technology and design.

Book a Free Appointment

Book a free appointment and hearing test at our Christchurch Hearing Clinic.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and unbeatable price and quality mix.

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Our hearing products are medically certified and include a 12 month full replacement warranty.

We also offer:

  • Free hearing test and audiogram (if you can visit us at our Christchurch clinic)
  • Free advice on the best solution for your hearing aids
  • Free programming and fitting service if you buy a programmable hearing aid from us
  • A range of hearing aids to suit mild to severe hearing loss
  • We keep our hearing aids in stock
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff who take the time to listen and care about what is important to you

No other hearing company in New Zealand does what we do. If you are unsure about the best hearing aid for your hearing loss, or would just like to understand your hearing test results a little better, call us for a no-obligation chat on 0800 4 HEARING (0800 443 274) or book a free consultation with our hearing specialists.