Now New Zealand has moved in the traffic light system there will be more freedom to socialise and enjoy yourself over the Summer months for most people. This is great and very welcome news however this also means your hearing aids need a little extra thought and attention.

Hearing aids are not waterproof, they have internal digital electronics that although protected by an outer shell (case) they are not watertight. Therefore care needs to be taken not to expose them to moisture. If this occurs it will most likely damage the hearing aids and cause them to fail.

The key areas to look out for are:


Daily use of hearing aids exposes them to moist conditions like sweat, ear wax, dust, skin oil and shedding skin for long periods of time. How much of this is produced varies between people. All theses factors can reduce a hearing aids useful life.

In summer heat there is more chance of sweat etc being more prevalent. Summer also often includes water activities. Its important you remove your hearing aids before engaging in any water fun whatever that may be. Also when taking a shower or bath


In New Zealand, especially with our high UVI rates, sunscreen is essential. The ingredients of sunscreen can damage your hearing aids. When applying sunscreen to your face and ears its important to remove your hearing aids first and allow sufficient time after application for the sunscreen to dry before putting your hearing aids back on.

Ears are a common area for sun damage so you shouldn’t avoid this just because you wear hearing aids.

It’s also important on the days you are wearing sunscreen that you check you hearing aids at the end of the day and carefully clean off any sweat/sunscreen etc with a soft tissue.

Tips on Keeping Hearing Aids Dry

Even if you do your very best to avoid moisture it’s important that when you are not wearing them you keep them in  safe and dry place.

If your hearing aid does get wet or is exposed to moisture the best option is to dry gently with a towel and then leave to fully dry. Do not attempt to speed up the drying process by using any form of heating, This will give your hearing aids the best chance of surviving and able to function correctly.

Also open the battery door and fully remove the battery. If the battery is wet it can become corroded and cause rust inside the hearing aid.