Come into our Christchurch clinic and see our friendly hearing specialists for your free hearing test. Along with your free hearing test, we provide caring, independent advice on your hearing.

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Test your Hearing Loss

Do you struggle to hear friends, family, work colleagues, TV programmes, radio or other day to day noises? If so, the chances are you suffer from some degree of hearing loss. With our free hearing test in Christchurch we can help you to understand your unique hearing loss – explaining in simple terms what your audiogram (hearing test) results mean, and what the best options available to you are.

Your audiogram (hearing test) will show what degree of hearing loss you suffer from, and which frequencies we need to programme your hearing aids to, in order for them to be the most effective.

Test your hearing loss with a free hearing test Christchurch

We make it easy for your to buy the perfect hearing aids. At your free hearing test, we will test your hearing and fit you with our hearing aids. If you choose to buy a hearing aid, we will program our programmable models for you so that you can “walk out the door” with your new hearing aids.

These services are entirely free, and at no obligation to you, so you can go away and think about it before committing to anything.

You can also test your hearing yourself with a free app, this will help you get some measure of your hearing loss and whether you need to investigate it further.

We stand by our award winning hearing aids as being the best value hearing aids available in New Zealand. Manufactured in the USA by Persona Medical, each hearing aid is medically certified, NZ Medsafe approved, and comes with a 1 year full replacement warranty.