We remove the costs traditionally associated with buying a hearing aid, thus making the process more transparent. Since our operating structure is more direct and less overhead intensive, we can pass on these savings directly on to you. We do not compromise on device quality: our digital hearing aids are made in the US and are otherwise sold for up to $4,000+ in traditional clinics.

High quality hearing aid prices normally start from around $2500.00 with most retailing between $3000 – $50000 for each device. If you require one for each ear, it is double that amount. Thats why you should call Hearing True.

Shipping costs within New Zealand are: NZ Wide (excl Rural Delivery): $8 NZ Rural Delivery: $12. If you live overseas, please contact us on +64 3 972 5713

Yes, absolutely. Each hearing aid device comes with a full 12 month warranty on manufacturing defects.

Yes! Call us and we can help you to select the right model.

If you have any issues with using your hearing aid, please consult the instruction manual. You can download these from the individual product pages. You can also call us and we will help you.

The telecoil feature allows you to hear more effectively when in public hearing loops, using the telephone or watching TV. Instead of the sound being picked up by its microphones, the hearing aid detects the audio signals electromagnetically with its telecoil. Note: When you’re in the telecoil mode, the hearing aid will not pick up any sounds through its microphones.

Hearing aids are resistant to a certain amount of moisture, but they are not water resistant. For example, you can wear them when you exercise, but not in the shower or swimming pool.

Yes absolutely. Our hearing aids have been designed for optimal comfort and flexibility.

The size 312 batteries last around 95 hours. The size 10 batteries last around 70 hours. For optimal efficiency, turn off your hearing aid when it is not in use.

Our hearing aids are high quality and are manufactured in the US by a leading hearing product manufacturer. All our hearing aids are medically certified.

Our hearing aids are universal sizes, and fit most peoples ears. Each of our hearing devices come with a free set of ear domes, which come in small, medium or large.