If you’ve never had hearing aids before then buying hearing aids in New Zealand can be a daunting process.

Basically, there are three options available to you – buy direct from an audiologist, buy from a specialist hearing aid store, or buy your hearing aids from somewhere like TradeMe. Each option has its benefits and disadvantages, so we’ve outlined all of these to help you decide where you might like to buy your hearing aids from.

Option 1. Buy Direct from your Audiologist

Behind the Ear Hearing AidThere are many registered audiologists throughout New Zealand. It’s likely your doctor gave you a referral to one, and your audiologist has given you an audiogram (hearing test) that shows your specific hearing loss and whether you require one or two hearing aids.

The main fallback to buying direct through your audiologist is that your hearing aids will likely be very expensive. Generally the price of hearing aids bought through an audiologist will include things like consultations, your hearing test, programming your hearing aids, and any follow up appointments you may require. Some of these services may also be charged twice, as they may charge you for initial appointments and follow up appointments. However, you may feel more comfortable paying the extra as you have the assurance of a registered health care professional and have the peace of mind that the hearing aids they sell are regulated.

Benefits of buying from an audiologist include:

  • Trust. Your audiologist will have undergone years of study to become a registered audiologist. They will likely hold a Master of Audiology Degree and a Certificate of Clinical Competence.
  • Ease of Purchase. You can go to see your audiologist whenever you require for checkups, trying on different hearing aids, reprogramming your hearing aids and any other concerns or issues you may have.
  • New Zealand Company. You are buying from and dealing with a New Zealand company.

Cons of buying from an audiologist include:

  • Expense. They will cost you a lot more than buying elsewhere.
  • Hard to Understand. Some audiologists may be a little hard to understand, and use terminology that confuses you.

Option 2. Buy From a Hearing Aid Professional with both a Clinic and Online Store

Invisible Hearing Aid in the earThis is a great option, as it gives you the ability to try on your hearing aids first, and speak to a hearing aid professional before buying your hearing aids. Hearing aid professionals are not registered audiologists, but will have a good knowledge of their products and may be able to help you with things like hearing tests, programming and fitting your hearing aids, and may be able to offer advice on other issues you may have.

If you have already been to see an audiologist and have your audiogram already, it will be a simple process to try on the available variety of hearing devices to see which best suits you. If it is a programmable option, your hearing professional should be able to program it for you on the spot.

Some hearing aid suppliers are registered with WINZ for support and funding for your hearing aid purchase.

As hearing aid suppliers are not registered Audiologists, they are able to offer their hearing aid products at a far lower price.

Benefits of buying from a hearing aid professional with both a clinic and an online store include:

  • Trust. You can see and speak to a hearing aid professional in a trusted and safe environment.
  • Ease of Purchase. You can try on your hearing aids before you buy and may also be able to get an audiogram, and have your hearing aids fitted and programmed for you at the point of sale.
  • Online Store. When you need to replace your hearing aids, you can go onto the online store and purchase them simply and quickly. You will also be able to buy hearing aid batteries, or hearing aid accessories that relate to your hearing aid, from the online store whenever you require them.
  • New Zealand Company. You are buying from and dealing with a New Zealand company.

Cons of buying from a hearing aid professional with both a clinic and an online store include:

  • Not an Audiologist. Your hearing aid professional will not be a registered audiologist.

Here at Hearing True, you can see and visit a real life hearing professional at our Christchurch Hearing Clinic. Hearing True bring you hearing aids direct from the manufacturer without the extreme costs and restrictions that are placed on audiologists. We make the process simple and easy to understand.

You can buy with satisfaction and trust from us, as our products are medically certified, are top quality brands made in the US, and include a 1 year warranty. We also offer free services such as a free hearing test, free programming service, free fitting service and you can try our hearing products to see which best suits you. Our hearing aids are discreet, easy to use, and work in a range of atmospheres – ie in groups, in noisy situations, listening to the TV etc.

Just pick up the phone and call us on 0800 443 274 or browse our online store.

Option 3. Buy From an Online Store or TradeMe

Xylo BTE Hearing AidThere are many websites with online stores for buying your hearing aids online. You can even find them listed on sites like TradeMe. The chances are these online stores will have very cheap hearing aids that may seem an enticing option. However we urge you to be careful as they may be unbranded, bulk manufactured, Chinese made hearing devices imported by non-professionals and sold onto you.

You will also need to get your audiogram done elsewhere and may not be able to have your hearing aids pre-programmed for you. This may mean additional costs in seeing an audiologist or other hearing professional to test your hearing, program your hearing aids, and fit them for you.

Some online hearing aid stores may also sell cheap Chinese made products that will not work as expected. It is a good idea to do some research onto the brands and companies you are looking at buying through, before completing your purchase.

Benefits of buying through an online store or TradeMe include:

  • Price. The hearing aids will likely be very cheap.
  • Simplicity. Just visit the online store, add your hearing products to your cart and after successful payment they will arrive in the mail.

Cons of buying through an online store or TradeMe include:

  • Lack of Trust. If you haven’t dealt with this company before, or spoken to a hearing professional at this company, you may find it hard to deal with any issues that could arise with your purchase.
  • Low Quality. The hearing products may be cheap because they are low quality, bulk manufactured and unbranded hearing devices imported from China. They may not work as expected.
  • No Medical Certificate. There may not be a New Zealand recognised medical certificate accompanying the hearing aids.
  • May not be a New Zealand Company. You may be dealing with overseas suppliers, who may not honour warranties and it may become tricky to get your hearing aids replaced if any defects arise.