Travelling, attending conferences, church and other social activities can be hard when you suffer from hearing loss. Some hearing aids will magnify all the noises around you, including background noises, making it really difficult to hear the speaker you are listening to. A hearing loop can help this.

What is a Hearing Loop? When attending an event or conference there may be a hearing loop you can connect into

Also called an audio induction loop, a hearing loop is designed to help relay specific noise directly to the Telecoil in your hearing aid. It does this via a microphone, an amplifier, and the loop cable which is a wire that is placed around the specific area (ie conference room or church). The microphone picks up the the speakers voice and this sound is then amplified and transmitted through a magnetic, wireless signal via the loop cable to the “T” setting in your hearing aid.

Do all Events in New Zealand Feature Hearing Loops?

No. You will need to check whether the venue you are attending has a hearing loop, or if the event organisers have hired a hearing loop.

You can learn more about venue accessibility in New Zealand here.

Are all Hearing Aids Compatible with Hearing Loops?

No, not all hearing aids are fitted with Telecoil, and therefore not all hearing aids are able to connect into hearing loops. However, if you are attending a conference or event with a hearing loop, and your hearing aid does not include Telecoil functionality, you may be able to hire a headset or portable receiver to help you tap into the hearing loop.

Which Hearing Aids have Telecoil?

Xylo BTE Hearing Aid Between FingersOur Xylo Hearing Aid includes Telecoil technology and would be the perfect hearing aid for you if you require connectivity to hearing loops. The Xylo hearing aid is our number one seller, and is discreet, comfortable and includes the latest technology.

Are there Alternatives to using a Hearing Loop?

The award winning “AirTap” technology that is featured in our QLeaf Go and Pro hearing aids includes advanced feedback and noise management. You can simply tap your ear to switch between different preset programs to fit with your current listening situation. Completely in the canal, the QLeaf Pro hearing aid is fully programmable to your personal hearing loss and is the world’s smallest digital hearing aid.

How do I decide which Hearing Aid is right for me?

Have a look at our online store, and then give us a call on our freephone 0800 443 274 and our friendly team of hearing specialists will happily chat to you about which device might be right for you. If you are able to come into our Christchurch Clinic, we provide a free hearing test, free hearing aid fitting service and will even programme your hearing aid to your individual hearing loss.