Evok Hearing Aid There are lots of types of hearing aids, in various shapes, sizes and colours. Most hearing aids these days are digital and nearly invisible. The type of hearing aid that will best suit you will depend on your hearing loss, budget and personal preference.

Hearing Aid Types

There are three main types of hearing aids:

  • Behind the Ear – BTE
  • Completely in the Canal – CIC
  • In the Ear – ITE


Behind the Ear (BTE)

Behind the Ear, or BTE, hearing aids are one of the most common, and most versatile forms of hearing aid. The main part of this hearing aid sits comfortably behind your ear, with a tiny tube connecting it to a mold that sits inside your ear.

A BTE hearing device may come with features such as Telecoil – Bluetooth capability, tinnitus control and feedback cancellation.

Behind the Ear hearing aids suit almost all levels of hearing loss, from mild to severe. They are ideal for those who prefer a larger device or require greater levels of magnification.

Completely in the Canal (CIC)

Go CIC Hearing AidCompletely in the Canal, or CIC, hearing aids are tiny devices that sit entirely in your ear canal – making them virtually invisible.

A CIC hearing device may come with features such as AirTap technology and programmability.

Completely in Canal hearing aids are ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss and are perfect for those wishing for a discreet option.

In the Ear (ITE)

An In the Ear, or ITE, hearing aid sits entirely in the outer part of your ear. These hearing aids are made up of a custom moulded casing that sits comfortably in your outer ear. Still discreet and relatively unnoticeable, these hearing aids are very easy to handle with accessible controls.

In the Ear hearing aids suit mild to severe hearing loss and are ideal for those who require easier access to the controls, but don’t wish to have a device sitting behind their ear.

Digital Vs Analog

Hearing aids are either Digital or Analog. All of Hearing True’s hearing aids are digital. Digital aids are mini digital computers, fitted with intelligent features, however some hearing aids are still analog. Analog hearing aids amplify sounds while digital hearing aids create an exact duplication of each sound, analysing the data and reducing background noise, while amplifying noises that you want to hear. Analog hearing aids are not as flexible as digital hearing aids.
PRO Hearing Aid with AirTAP System

Hearing Aid Features

Which features best suit you will help you to decide which hearing aid is right for you.

AirTap Technology – This award winning technology allows you simply pat your ear and the hearing aid will switch smoothly between personal programs with the slightest touch. For example if you enter a noisy restaurant, you can smoothly and simply switch through your preset programs to adapt to the current listening situation. If you leave the restaurant and answer your phone, you can again softly tap your ear to move to the appropriate channel. The Ole 2  Hearing Aid features AirTap technology. This feature is only available in digital hearing aids.

Telecoil – Telecoil technology lets you connect to hearing loops in public places and telecoil enabled phones. If you add a neck-loop/remote it can connect to Bluetooth technology making it possible to connect to smart phones or listen to music. If you require a hearing aid with Bluetooth capabilities, then the Evok or Opa Hearing Aids might be the best option for you.

Programmable – Some hearing aids offer only a selection of preset programs, while others are fully programmable to your individual hearing loss. Programmable hearing aids mean that if your hearing loss deteriorates further, or changes in any way, we can reprogram your hearing aid to your changed hearing loss. The Evok Hearing Aid, Opa Hearing Aid and Ole Hearing Aid are all programmable.

Which Type of Hearing Aid is Right for Me?

When choosing the right hearing aid, it is important that you check both the quality of the hearing aid and the price. Some hearing aids are very cheap because they are poorly made by off-brand manufacturers. Others are very expensive because they include charges from audiologists.

Tiny hearing aids that are virtually invisible in your ear canal may seem like the best option for you, but its important to understand the pros and cons of in the ear hearing aids.

Our hearing aids are highly affordable, but do not compromise quality, comfort or technology. They are designed by top manufacturers in the US and Europe and include award winning design and technology. They are affordable not because they are cheaply made, but because we import direct and do not add the huge markup that others do allowing us to bring them direct to you at affordable prices. Each of our hearing aids are medically certified, NZ Medsafe approved and include a 12 month full replacement warranty.

In case you are unsure which model is right for you, we can provide a free fitting service so you can try before you buy. Call us on 0800 443 274 or send us a request online to make a booking at our Christchurch clinic.