Affordable Hearing Aids for Seniors

High quality, comfortable hearing aids combined with a caring, personal service – all at a price you can afford.

We’ve been helping kiwis hear better since 2013, and we’d love to help you!

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Transform the way you hear

Do you struggle with hearing loss? Are you looking for quality, comfortable hearing aids that will reduce background noise and help you hear clearly in any situation?

When you buy your hearing aids from us, you get so much more than just great quality, great price hearing aids.

We are here to help you transition to wearing your aids, show you how to use them, explain how to care for them and more!


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So much more than just Hearing Aids

  • Completely personal service
  • Caring advice
  • Free hearing test
  • Free hearing aid fitting service
  • Free programming
  • Free follow up appointment
  • Helpful checklists and guides
  • Phone or email support whenever you need it
  • 6 months free batteries (based on average usage)
  • $100 per person gift voucher with South Island Tours NZ

Wherever you are in your journey to hear better, we would love to help. Call us on 0800 443 274 to see how we can help or Book a Free Consultation below.

“I want to say what an awesome improvement this device is. I was out on Saturday night, the band started and i couldn’t hear a thing. Three taps to get the four sounds and i was right on song! Fantastic result.”

Phil Griffith’s, Christchurch

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Best Value in NZ

We keep our prices low but without compromise on quality. Paired with our exceptional personal service, our hearing aids are the best value in New Zealand.

FREE Appointment & Hearing Test

Come and see our friendly hearing specialists in Christchurch for your free audiogram (hearing test).

Same Day Service

We make it easy to buy the perfect hearing aids for you. At appointment get tested, programmed/fitted and “walk out the door” with new hearing aids.

Our Story

Hearing True was founded on the honest belief that hearing aids need a fresh approach. We worked hard to source the best quality hearing aids available and bring them to you at the very best prices possible.

No one else in New Zealand offers what we do – we provide free independent, caring and informative advice on your hearing.

At your appointment you can get tested, programmed/fitted and “walk out the door” with new hearing aids. Or you can choose to shop online.

Made in USA, our hearing aids are the latest technology and design. We make buying hearing aids Easy & Hassle Free!

Call us on 0800 443 274 and hear better.

Peter - Hearing True specialist

I am thrilled with the hearing aids and they are set up perfectly, so I have had no problem at all adapting to them.

On Wednesday night we went to a small restaurant with another couple and I realised I could hear what people were saying at other tables if I wanted to.

This morning we took the dogs for a walk, we live in the country, and I was amazed at all the birds I could hear. It wouldn’t surprise me if you get some of my friends calling on you.

Alan Eskrick, Nelson

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What a difference; I can finally hear again! The hearing aids are comfy, easy to install each day and discrete. Peter made everything so easy. His great sense of humour and personable manner instantly put me at ease and made the whole process quick, simple and enjoyable.

Phil Hunter, Christchurch

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